Mid and West Wales Safeguarding Board

Our Strategic Outcomes

Our Strategic OutcomesMplusww Children And Adults Logo B

  1. Improving Outcomes: To be assured that there is efficient, effective and coordinated responses to the identified needs of adults at risk, across the ‘continuum of need’ that results in improved outcomes for them
  2. Better Engagement: To demonstrate that the voice of service users is central to our work and that the views of adults at risk, their families and frontline practitioners inform practices and shape services
  3. Increased Knowledge:  To be assured that we know the adults who are most at risk in our region and effectively safeguard them
  4. Continuous Learning:  To continually develop and improve the way we work so that outcomes for adults at risk improve
  5. Strong Leadership:  To provide strategic leadership across the partnership in relation to safeguarding
  6. Evidenced Compliance:  To ensure that the Mid & West Wales Safeguarding Boards are able to demonstrate effectiveness in delivering against their statutory functions



Updated on 4/8/17