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CYSUR 4 2017 Extended Child Practice Review Report

Mplusww Children Logo CYSURAn Extended Child Practice Review has been undertaken by an independent author on behalf of CYSUR: The Mid and West Wales Regional Safeguarding Children Board in relation to circumstances surrounding the tragic death of a 17-year-old Looked After young person.

A CYSUR spokesperson said: “Recommendations have been made as part of the Extended Child Practice Review. All partners of the Regional Safeguarding Board are committed to monitoring the progress of these recommendations and supporting Powys County Council in its improvement journey.”


The Local Authority apologises unreservedly for the way in which it failed to provide appropriate support for this young man.

It accepts in full the findings and recommendations in the report, which is being used to improve the quality of the services available to children and young people who are or have been Looked After. The Hidden Ambitions report by the Children’s Commissioner in 2016 is helping to shape this work.

The report makes clear children and young people need better care and support planning which considers all their needs, including emotional resilience and learning ability. They also value opportunities to influence, in a real way, the decisions made about their plan and their day-to-day care.

The Local Authority can report that eligible young people are able to stay with foster carers beyond the age of 18. Also, it is working closely with its partners to ensure effective services for young people which help them to improve their emotional and mental well-being. 

This is part of a comprehensive plan, which responds to feedback from young people who participated in the Child Practice Review.

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More information on the Child Practice Review process can be found here.



Updated on 14/2/2018