COVID-19 Statement

Guidance and Update Bulletins

MAWWSB COVID-19 Safeguarding Document
MAWWSB Summary of National and Regional Guidance - COVID-19 Response
Interim Position for the Management of Child Protection Conferences
Welsh Government Statement
Interim Arrangements for Management of LAC Reviews
Section 47 and Statutory Visits Interim Process
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Guidance
Data Protection Guidance

Welsh Government Resources

COVID-19 Safeguarding adults resources
COVID-19 Safeguarding adults practitioner handout
COVID-19 Safeguarding Children - Bi-lingual-Information for display FINAL
COVID-19 Safeguarding Children- practitioner handout
COVID-19 Safeguarding Children- WG Statement

Other national resources and guidance

Advice for health professionals on LAC Adoption and Fostering
NSPCC APR 20 support during COVID 19
Wales Violence Prevention Unit Coronavirus (Covid-19) Response

Regional Guidance on Specific Issues arising through COVID-19

7 Minute Briefing - Scams
7 Minute Briefing - Domestic Abuse Guidance in the wake of COVID-19 measures
Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Pathway to Support