NEW - National safeguarding training, learning and development standards

On 14th November the National Safeguarding Training Standards were launched as part of National Safeguarding Week 2022.

These standards are aligned to the Wales Safeguarding Procedures and set out the expectations for knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for people working with adults and children who may be at risk of abuse, harm or neglect. You can find details of the standards below. 

Regional All-Age Multi-Agency Training

Safeguarding people is everybody’s business.  The Mid & West Wales Safeguarding Board (MAWWSB) is committed to providing high quality multi-agency training programmes, supporting professionals and volunteers working in statutory, private and third sector organisations to safeguard and promote people’s wellbeing, which includes prevention and protection from abuse and neglect and other kinds of harm.

Regional All-Age Multi-Agency Training Strategy

Seminars, workshops & events

See below details of seminars, workshops, conferences and other events in Wales related to safeguarding children & adults.

Please apply for places direct via the provider.

Information on All Wales Basic Safeguarding Awareness Training is available on the Social Care Wales website:


Training from ‘Beyond the Streets’.

  • 19th September, 11:15 – 12:00, FREE. An introduction to working alongside women in the sex industry. This pre-recorded session gives an introduction to our work and approach, language and myths around the sex industry and live Q&A with front-line staff. For anyone and particularly good for those new to this sector.


  • 21st September, 09:15 – 12:30, £55. Alongside? Exploring tools to support women in the sex industry. This interactive session looks at how we engage with women who sell sex in a variety of ways and how best to support them. Looking at the cycle of change and OARs and using breakout rooms. This course is for any professionals; new workers or those who want to refresh or increase skills in working alongside women, improving your sustainability as a worker.


  • 19th October, 09:30 – 12:30, £55. Getting out? Supporting women seeking to leave the sex industry. This interactive session looks at language and the controversies around ‘exist’, uses review of up to date research to show models of exit and reducing barriers. This course is for any professionals involved in supporting women selling sex or wanting to develop in that area. It is also appropriate for those who are responsible for commissioning services from local authorities, statutory services, third-sector professionals and policymakers.


For further information please contact Nikki McNeill, Training Officer & Support Worker for Beyond Support at

Dealing with Dual-Allegations (CPD certified) 

The VAWDASV Board will be facilitating Dual Allegation Training across the region for the below dates:

• 14th February 2024

The training will be from 9:30am-4pm with 45 mins to an hour for lunch around 12:45pm, and 15 min breaks at around 11am and 3pm. It will be delivered virtually. The 1-day course will improve professionals’ confidence and knowledge in dealing with dual allegations of domestic abuse, and identifying the primary perpetrator.

This training is interactive, and uses a range of media, practical exercises, and discussion to give participants a toolkit of skills and knowledge based on evidence-based practice and recent theory.
This training will equip participants with a thorough understanding of domestic abuse dynamics, perpetrator presentations, typologies of domestic abuse, and increase their confidence in encouraging and
supporting best practice in multi-agency work where dual allegations are involved.

This course is perfect for domestic abuse professionals such as IDVAs or MARAC coordinators, or people who are experienced in working with domestic abuse, and who would like more confidence inidentifying the primary perpetrator at assessment or in multi-agency meetings and understanding complex domestic abuse dynamics.

To register, or for more information please contact Natalie Hancock at:

Suicide and Self harm Prevention Cymru Training Hub

This platform is for anyone looking for training and development opportunities that can help them, their communities, or their workforces, to develop their awareness, understanding and skills in relation to the management and prevention of suicide and self harm.

This is a resource to help you find:

  • freely available online learning opportunities
  • training and development programmes for yourself, your teams and colleagues

Access the hub at: 

Children in Wales Training 2023

Children in Wales have a number of courses running throughout 2023. Please see their catalogue for details and current availability.
Contact if you would like to book a bespoke course for your organisation or complete one of their online enquiry forms by clicking HERE.


Safeguarding e-learning - Social Care Wales 

This bilingual e-learning package gives learners a practical understanding of safeguarding. It was developed in line with the Wales Safeguarding Procedures.

The e-learning module is mainly aimed at those working in the public and voluntary sectors. This includes those looking to work in social care, early years and childcare, as well as in health, the emergency services and local councils.

Completing the new bilingual training module will enable everyone to:

  • explain the term 'safeguarding'
  • recognise abuse or the risk of abuse, harm, or neglect
  • know what actions to take if they witness or suspect abuse, harm, or neglect, or if someone tells them they are being abused
  • demonstrate a basic understanding of the laws concerning safeguarding
  • recognise that they have a duty to report abuse, harm, or neglect.

Access the online learning course here: Group A Safeguarding | Social Care Wales


Forensic Psychology Consultancy UK Ltd (FPC) are offering a series of three free online training events to staff within your organisation:

Different Minds - Working with Neurodiversity

  1. Tuesday 21st November: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  2. Tuesday 12th December: Learning Disability
  3. Tuesday 23rd January: Autism Spectrum Condition

Each session will be delivered between 10:00-12:00 on Zoom.
Sessions are standalone so make sure you book your place on each event.
Details for sessions will be sent out approximately one week before each event.
Spaces are limited.

To register click here. 

Forensic Psychology UK Ltd (FPC) is an independent provider of psychology services. They help individuals, and those working with them to understand risk, trauma, personality, neurodiversity, mental health, and crime. To find out more visit their website at