IICSA - Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

What is the Inquiry?

The Inquiry is an investigation into past and present failings by institutions to protect children from sexual abuse, to hold those responsible to account, and to make recommendations to protect future generations of children.

Why was the inquiry set up?

Current information suggests that at least one child in every 20 has experienced sexual abuse, and there are likely to be many more instances that go unreported and uncounted. The Inquiry was set up to uncover and remedy failures that have led to this happening.

How can people assist in the Inquiry?

Anyone who was sexually abused as a child where there was an institutional failure can report their accounts in a safe, private, confidential environment. This includes anyone who reported their sexual abuse to a person in authority, where the report was not properly acted upon. If you are a victim or a survivor, or can assist the Inquiry, please get in touch.

Contact us

Use our online form: www.iicsa.org.uk

Call our Information line: 0800 917 1000

Email us: contact@iicsa.org.uk

Write to us: Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, PO Box 72289, London SW1P 9LF