Event Information

This webinar, held on 27th September 2023 was facilitated by: Nici Evans, and Natasha Sabine, Practice Improvement Advisors from the Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse (CSA Centre). It covered a variety of areas in relation to the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. This included:

  • The outcome of the ICCSA enquiry
  • Responding with confidence to children and families who have experienced child sexual abuse
  • Working with adult survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

The webinar was attended by multi-agency front line practitioners and managers including social workers, health professionals, police officers, probation officers, relevant third sector organisations.

Please find below pdf copies of the presentations from the event available to download along with links to key organisations and further information.


Session 1: Child sexual abuse in Wales and the way forward
Session 2: Supporting children and families: Identifying and responding to child sexual abuse with confidence
Session 3: Working with Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse